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I'm always looking to expand my experience in design. Message me, or ask me in person. You can meet me at various digital design related events around Prague.

Currently I'm working (remotely) at a huge bank, building a design systems team. Every autumn I also teach a course at University of Economics in Prague. When time allows, I help pro–bono at Česko.Digital and various other NGOs. Wanna talk about that? Let's grab a coffee!

About Ján Dugovič

JD is a Product Designer, based in Prague, focused on shaping meaningful experiences through design. Specializing in Design Systems in recent years, he empowers product teams to deliver sophisticated and consistent mobile and web apps, ensuring a native-like user experience.

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Golem Design System

Work in progress! Inside: target, my role, artifacts.


Začni učit!

Work in progress! Inside: target, my role, artifacts.



erp sw redesign. Inside: problem, barriers, process, result.